Physician Practices

Kellison & Company creates customized revenue cycle management processes for hospitals with lab outreach programs. Our experience in these environments allow us to deliver exceptional service that:

  • Understands the complicated mechanics of client-billing and third party contracts
  • Delivers flexible technology solutions based on the needs of the program
  • Optimizes collections and cash flow
  • Provides actionable intelligence through customized reporting
With Kellison & Company handling the revenue cycle management, lab outreach programs can focus on delivering and growing their lab services.
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Kellison & Company revenue cycle management services

By being flexible with technology, optimizing business process and sweating the details, we help secure our clients’ financial success.

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What Clients Say

“My medical billing relationship with Kellison & Company has been built by the fact that the entire company has been very flexible in meeting my needs. They modified their system to take our data streams so they can do our medical billing for us, and therefore, increased the collection rates for our organization.”
Jim Dohnal, Director, Evanston Northwest Healthcare
“Kellison & Company has been extremely efficient and professional in providing medical billing services to us. They have responded to our medical billing and financial goals with utmost care for almost 20 years.”
Dr. Steve Ditto, President, Lakewood Anesthesia Associates
“We started our company by doing our own billing. As the volume and complexity grew, we quickly realized that we needed professional help. Kellison was chosen and they helped tremendously with our AP and molecular billing by streamlining  the process and improving collections. They also brought knowledge and guidance to help make sure we were doing everything right at our end. This included developing an appeal process that works.”
Dr. Jim Carson, Chief Business and Strategic Officer, GoPath Global, LLC
“Since 1992 Kellison & Company has provided a comprehensive medical billing solution for our practice and we have always received exceptional service. I am fully aware of the alternative medical billing solutions available and when compared to Kellison & Company, they are clearly unacceptable. Kellison & Company has earned our respect and deserves our appreciation for their efforts on behalf of our practice.”
Dr. Kelley Kennedy, Director, Bloomington Heart Institute

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