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As the healthcare industry evolves, revenue cycle management has become more than just about billing and collections. The focus is broader, and it’s become important to understand the drivers of reimbursement more comprehensively.

As leaders in this industry, Kellison & Company has developed partnerships with organizations that deliver value throughout the commercialization process.  Here you can find out more about these key partnerships.




Telcor provides point-of-care and laboratory billing systems in a Software-as-a-Service environment, allowing distributed administration of several key components of revenue cycle management. The system’s robust reporting tools give healthcare providers access to important data, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their operations. provides a Healthcare Relationship Management that helps healthcare organizations manage their relationships across the continuum of care. As healthcare organizations become larger and more complex, there’s a growing need to integrate multiple information systems. Through, healthcare providers can develop the business intelligence tools and reporting needed to make informed decisions to drive their organizations.



If you’re AR is up, collections are down, and you’re only getting excuses from your billing company or personnel, it may be time call Vachette Pathology for an audit. Vachette serves more than 93 clients nationwide and has audited every major pathology billing company, giving us unique insight into optimizing revenue strategy. Vachette is a revenue auditing firm working with pathology groups, independent labs, hospitals and universities. Their audits locate revenue and increase our clients’ profitability.


Quorum Consulting

Quorum specializes in developing health economics and commercialization strategies for laboratories and manufacturers in the molecular diagnostics space. In partnering with Kellison, Quorum also provides comprehensive billing and appeals programs that are uniquely designed to optimize revenue and influence medical policy downstream for technologies in negative or mixed coverage environments.

Professional Services

With over 25 years of experience, Kellison & Company has developed relationships with a wide range of professional services firms. From attorneys and practice management groups, to IT professionals and specialized consultants, we can help you connect with the professionals who can help support your complex business needs.